Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Drowsy Adventure!!

Hiya again its been awhile,ive been busy in Rl so haven't really done any blog post,but i promise soon ill be putting some looks together for ya Xp anyways on my flickr page ive notice Drowsy has reopen,I love drowsy when i first started SL it was my # 1 hang out place,now since its back im very happy,just the sad part is its only for a short time,a limited time only :'(So going to hang out there the most i can,anyways as i walked around the storybook looking forest i came across leather boxes that contain free gifts,XD very cute gifts so wanted to make a post and share what I found hope you like,oh and go check Drowsy out if you not yet its way way way worth it,XDD

 BP* binocular telescope case (Free)

~Hat Hair~
 BP* tanken helmet ribbon(Free)

BP*Drowsy Wood Bear(Free)

BP*Animal Carry Cage(Free)

bonne chance! Group Gift White Dress(Free)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

~ ❤.Heartstrings.❤~

Yesterday The Seasons Gatcha! Open up,So I had to go and check it out,after fighting the lag.I found some really cute things,I got this cite scarf From Illusory and a cute sweater dress from Addict.So it was worth the lag XD anyways so I putted this cute outfit together as i went along,its simple and just fun hope you like XD

~ ❤.Heartstrings.Outfit.Info.❤~

<amitomo> Bella skin

>TRUTH< Velvet -light blonde

1.)Willow~ Stone Neacklace-Tarnished Silver
2.)Cord Necklace, * Illusions*

ILLusory_Zoo Friends Scarf -Brown Bear (Season's Gatcha!)

-[ADDICT]-Lucille Sweaterdress/mint (Season's Gatcha! )

*League* Side-Gartered Stockings -Floral

*FIR & MNA * the roan boots brown/50L friday

Thursday, January 12, 2012

~ Reila ~


    Hiya,Sorry its been awhile since before Christmas since I Posted a post Been Busy in RL,Anyways I putted this outfit together last night and thought i would share it XDD Just a fun colorful funky style hope you like! XDD


<amitomo> Bella skin

Wasabi pills/vicky hair

[ni.ju]makeup-red panda

[Ni.ju] Tongue tip piercing w/cross LIGHT

[kik] megane 01_A

Cord Necklace, * Illusions*
Willow ~ Stone Necklace -tarnished silver Collabor88

~Furry keychain~
[Love soul] fur tail keychain


-SU!_Splush Tank sea

*.L.inc* Cutieh Undie Cheetah

-SU!-Paint skirt violet

Blah.(My Lazy Leggings pink,Millennium Hunt

*Linc*half fishnet stockings Black
*Linc*Half Stockings 2 pink

*FIR & MNA * the roan boots brown/50L friday