Sunday, April 29, 2012




Dark Spot Designs

panda express

Skully googles_ aeNigma

~eye patch
Bombard Clockwork eyepatch

Undershirt& Underpants~

*League*Belted Leather Jacket

Tokugawa Heavy Industries _T.Combat Trousers(mesh)

[Carnage] Holsters

*BREACH*Eightball Holster


.::Delicious::. Ripped

Saturday, April 21, 2012


went to the fantasy fair today and picked up some items,if you havent went you should go there sooo much cool fantasy things there Xp


[AMG BOUDIOR] Holly/Auburn

[ni.ju] portmantrau/fairy fastival


Sn@tch apnea tattoo

GSpot vandal

May's Soul* Bubble set

~Faun Legs ~

Thursday, April 5, 2012

~If I Had Words~

/Wasabi Pills/ Vicky Hair - Blonds Pack

[kik] megane01_A

(TokiD) spring top (MESH)

(TokiD) artisan shorts(MESH)

[N] moccasins

Wednesday, March 21, 2012




*booN BMB103 hair

"A Skin Story" Tattoo +Fallen Gods inc.+ Ink Version


Cord Wraps:Illusions
Willow~Stone Necklace

*Action Womens Board Tee-Owl

AMERIE-Loose Pants

Sunday, March 18, 2012


Happy Late St.Patrick's Day!! Its been awhile since i made a post,been busy in Rl again gosh! lol Ive been stuck playing a game on the Internet Called wakfu,so Im going to try to make some time on SL again and make acouple of post,I know i keep saying that,but im going to make it a must :p anyways i went to gor girls last night ive not been there in awhile.she came out with alot of cute lil outfits,this one is a sunday special for 99Ls she has more that are in different colors but i had to get it thought it was way way cute!!! XD


Maitreya Lara

Gor Girls

Saturday, March 10, 2012

~ Bronte ~

Hey! its been awhile ive been offline for sometime,since ive came on i made this cute outfit,Ive been  listing to Gotye lately,this one music video of his i love make me tear up every time i watch it,:P so when i put this outfit together kind of reminder me of the video some how,kind of a magic elven forest look,anyways hope you like,The sticks i got on my back are from Epoch,you only have in tell march 11 so go hurry pick them up. XDD


Maitreya Lara - Pitch

~ Sticks ~
Tee*fy Epoch-Legend A Pile of Branches

~ Scarf,Shirt,Shorts~
The Secret Store
Puffy Blouse
Highwaisted Shorts
Tube knitted Scarf

~ Stockings ~
*League*Side-Gartered stocking-Floral
Ella Stockings Light Brown-Black Garter


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Is This Love!



~ Hair ~
*Drot* - The Kenny-Smoke

~ Ears ~
Trangle Ears / Conjoh Kohime

~ Tongue ~
[ni.Ju]Tongue Tip Piercing

~ Necklace ~
Willow~ Stone Necklace

~ Arm Floaties ~
Reek - Swimmes

~ Tank ~
[Pumpkin]Tank top p.1.3 / Mesh / NEW

~ Bathing Suite ~
*T.Whore*- I Wanna Go Bikini Cyan

~ Pants ~
[ Sassy Kitty Designs] Unbuttoned Long Shorts Black

~ Sandles ~
Maitreya *Flip-Flops Eclipse