Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Is This Love!



~ Hair ~
*Drot* - The Kenny-Smoke

~ Ears ~
Trangle Ears / Conjoh Kohime

~ Tongue ~
[ni.Ju]Tongue Tip Piercing

~ Necklace ~
Willow~ Stone Necklace

~ Arm Floaties ~
Reek - Swimmes

~ Tank ~
[Pumpkin]Tank top p.1.3 / Mesh / NEW

~ Bathing Suite ~
*T.Whore*- I Wanna Go Bikini Cyan

~ Pants ~
[ Sassy Kitty Designs] Unbuttoned Long Shorts Black

~ Sandles ~
Maitreya *Flip-Flops Eclipse

Sunday, February 26, 2012


EPOCH Legend event opened today Until March 11th! It's Held in 3 separate themed venues created especially for the event : 'Beast', 'Clowning' and 'Art of Escher'.So I had to go and check it out,I go this very cute outfit that Mesh.and a very cute Sheep that im going to set up on my land,anyways if you haven't went to check this event out hurry up alot of cute things are there Xpp The landing point at the gorgeous Creators Cafe has a LM giver to all three venues - for more event info see this link: http://red-thumbtack.com/epoch-legend/.

~ Outfit ~

 ~ Hair ~
(Milana) Tami

  ~ Ears ~
[Gauze] Mythic Ear =Jewelry:Chained= Natural

~ Necklace ~
..::DeliciouS::.. Ripped

~ Outfit ~
The Secret Store -Circus / Mesh


Hey again,Ive been off SL for awhile now,been busy in RL.So I got on this morning,and wanted to do a blog post,since its been awhile,today im going to try to get a couple of cute looks together XD,so I putted this cute look together,wanted Pink,the hair is from Lamb I edited it to make it have pink only on one side.she came out with about 3 hairs that have a different color on one side but i just bought the light pack.and did it myself XD


!lamb. Oleander - Grayscale Pack (A lot of editing,made one side Pink )

JM:Mai Skin_circle eye10

[Gauze] Mythic Ear =Jewelry:Chained= Natural

[ni.Ju] Tongue Tip Piercing w/cross

[NeurolaB Inc.] Goggle Flyer Anima

..::DeliciouS::.. Ripped

~*~Ankle cuffs~*~
..::DeliciouS::..  Adamantium Prisoner Cuffs

*BREACH* Eightball 1.2.3


[GENRE] Mettalic Body Barbie !

~*~Black harness~*~
Kyoot - Addicted to Dopamine Harness (Black)