Monday, November 28, 2011


I love Girls Generation song Gee.Been listening all day to it and bouncing around my room singing to it lol so wanted to put a girly,sweet cute outfit together from just random things in my inventory and this is what I came up with,the outfit really all goes around the hair I just got at the Diamond Hunt at D!va.So i hope you enjoy the look :ppp


"D!va"  (Dimoand Hunt #055)

.: vive9 :. Kasia Cardy in Nude

Kyoot - Pretty Summer Vest - Pink

[ATOMIC] Summertime - Blush

*blowpop* Fishnet Tights -Nude
= Hal*Hina = [white] Ribbon socks
Kyoot - Lacey White Knee Socks

Sweet Pink Bunny Shoes by Jolly Farm & Gypsy's Trove (BW)


Sunday, November 27, 2011

Its Colder then Winter!!

Hiya Again :D,Getting ready for Christmas,this is my fav time of the year.So since its getting really cold out here I putted this lil outfit together to make me feel warm.Hope you like :)))

[ Al Vulo! ] - [Sally]-Natural Porcelain

>TRUTH< Delia - Black & White

.:Hermony:./Oversized Beanie

-[AddiCt]-MINNU Scarf/Soot/I like

d. Select Tops long winter sweater red norway (wear me)

d. Select Pants wool tights grey norway (wear me)

*League* Gartered Socks -Black

[N] moccasins - calf high 3 layer fringe - black

Friday, November 18, 2011

Baby it's cold outside!

I got a notecard for 50L friday,so i went and got this cute hat at clawtooth.Love it 20's style :)~ so i putted alittle fast simple outfit together.

[Al Vulo!]-Sally

Clawtooth:20's Gal Pack FLF 2,50ls friday 11/18/11

{Mon tissu} Rockaby Blazer-Brown

Kyoot-And Its Love Knit Mini Dress (Ash)

*League*Side-Gartered Stocking-Floral

[N] Moccasins-Half Calf

Mr Poet_freebie

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Orders Up!

Heys! Sooo..I found this photo on Google with this anime maid,thought it was really cute so I wanted to put a outfit together almost like it,something sexy but cute,so i came up with this.I did alot of editing,on the outfit and the hair,So i hope you enjoy! :D

The Pic,I tried to make my outfit like :)~


[Al Vulo!]-[Sally]

Wasabi Pills/Mochi Hair /Edited

.ID.Spring Eyes/Sweet Treat-Grape Sherbet

~.Maid hat.~
.::Beautiful Dirty Rich::. Maid HeadBand without ears
*Edelweiss* Alicia/head dress


%.:Ec:. Robe d'OWhite Dress/Sl market place

A copier fer yer fancy Designs_"Bonney,Indigo Proper Blouse

Kyoot-Lacey White Knee Sock

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Sword & The Pen!

Loged on today Finding a notice for the Gorean Room,new items.Almost like the Blueroom but things here are for Gor.So ended up buying this nice Panther outfit for only 70Ls.So wanted to make a post to share it. :)~


                   ~ Necklace,Skirt,tattoo.Knife,Armbands~
                          Torvis-NAGORE_Gorean Room.

                                    Wasabi Pill


Finally went to the Vintage Fair.Yaay! ive been eyeing this Beatles jumper shirt ever since I saw it on a friends flickr page,so finally got the courage to go to the vintage fair to fight the Lag.Got it at Vive9.So go check it out before the fairs over. :DD

Friday, November 11, 2011


Enjoy!!  :)~~

                                                                          Al Vulo-Sally

                                                            .:vive9:. Charlie_Dark Brunette

                                                   bellballs/PIDIDDLE-Fringe cuff earrings

                                                       ChicaB0o.Designs.Freebie tattoo

                                                                     ~Under Shirt~
                                                  [KickKnack] Marna slave kirtle white

                                          *League*Native Jewelry/Wanderer Jewelry set

                                                          MIEL CALI CORDS-belt

                                                                ~Fur keychain~
                                                  [Love soul] fur tail keychain-Brown

                                    Gor Gurls/Skirt-Ravaged lilac /Corset-Liberty Blue

                                                *League* Side-Gartered Stocking-Floral
                                                   *League*Thermal Sock Set-Ecru

                                                           [N] Moccasins

Saturday, November 5, 2011

"The Violet Hour's"

 hey! :)
Here's a outfit I put together yesterday. Enjoy!!

"The Violet Hour's!'

                                                                                              Al Vulo-Sally
                                                                                          [e] Breeze-brown

                                                                                 Berries Inc.Silly Googles
                                                                                            ~.Elven ears.~
                                                                                 .ILLUSORY.Elven Ear -a1

                                                                        ::Anara's:: Neko Whiskers/White

                                                 How Vexing! [Neko Tail - Mottled Orange] Edited to make more Darker

                                                                   {Mon tissu} Rockaby Blazer-Brown

                                                       1.) Undershirt- *Action Womens Boardwalk Tee - Owl
                                                          2.) Shirt- *Crazy* Thin Shirt B&W

                                                              d.Select Pants high rise hotpants brown

                                                             1.) *League* Thermal Sock Set - Ecru
                                                                 2.) Side - Gartered Stocking - Floral

                                                         {moon tissu} Provence Riding Boots ~ Dark brown

The Lost Woods!!

        I wanted to Share the things I found to put this cute lil outfit together,My Main look I was trying to look like Link From Zelda,I putted this cute lil video together for fun so I hope you like!!

"The Lost woods outfit"

AI VULO! -miha-peacock peach


Hermony/Oversized Beanie,White (Been Edited to be green)

.ILLUSORY.Elven ear -a5

MIEL-Cali cords belt

*League*-Native jewellery/Wanderer Jewellery set

KK/Knickknack-Marna Slave Kirtle GREEN

meow.sword shield helm

I'll Forget you!

This outfit I did from things i found in my inventory,The hat I got from the fall seasons Hunt,from store,its hair that I detached all the hair peaces,to make into just a hat,and the tail and ears are from a full Avatar,I had to do alot of editing on the ears to make them fit,So for this outfit you should have some experience on editing things,Anyways I hope you enjoy my looks and my up comming ones :DD

~I'll Forget You! Outfit List~

[Al Vulo!] Sally
Milk Motion/my cross jeans shorts,50 linden friday
[N] moccasins-calf high
*League*side-Gartered stockings Floral
Kyoot-soft words lingerie
Mutation Industries/from fox avatar/been edited a lot
~Hat~ Seasons Hunt/hat been edited detached all hair so would only have just hat

Friday, November 4, 2011

Sexy And I KNow It!!

A fun outfit I put together.
                                Enjoy!!! xoxox

"Sexy And I KNow It Outfit list!!"

[Al Vulo!] Sally


Top/*T.Whore* I wanna Go Bikini Magenta
bottom/I Wanna GO Bikini White

Sey Maki2 zip zebra

[Atomic]Happy Harajuku socks

Pornstar extra hi-top multicolor v2