Sunday, April 29, 2012




Dark Spot Designs

panda express

Skully googles_ aeNigma

~eye patch
Bombard Clockwork eyepatch

Undershirt& Underpants~

*League*Belted Leather Jacket

Tokugawa Heavy Industries _T.Combat Trousers(mesh)

[Carnage] Holsters

*BREACH*Eightball Holster


.::Delicious::. Ripped

Saturday, April 21, 2012


went to the fantasy fair today and picked up some items,if you havent went you should go there sooo much cool fantasy things there Xp


[AMG BOUDIOR] Holly/Auburn

[ni.ju] portmantrau/fairy fastival


Sn@tch apnea tattoo

GSpot vandal

May's Soul* Bubble set

~Faun Legs ~

Thursday, April 5, 2012

~If I Had Words~

/Wasabi Pills/ Vicky Hair - Blonds Pack

[kik] megane01_A

(TokiD) spring top (MESH)

(TokiD) artisan shorts(MESH)

[N] moccasins

Wednesday, March 21, 2012




*booN BMB103 hair

"A Skin Story" Tattoo +Fallen Gods inc.+ Ink Version


Cord Wraps:Illusions
Willow~Stone Necklace

*Action Womens Board Tee-Owl

AMERIE-Loose Pants

Sunday, March 18, 2012


Happy Late St.Patrick's Day!! Its been awhile since i made a post,been busy in Rl again gosh! lol Ive been stuck playing a game on the Internet Called wakfu,so Im going to try to make some time on SL again and make acouple of post,I know i keep saying that,but im going to make it a must :p anyways i went to gor girls last night ive not been there in awhile.she came out with alot of cute lil outfits,this one is a sunday special for 99Ls she has more that are in different colors but i had to get it thought it was way way cute!!! XD


Maitreya Lara

Gor Girls

Saturday, March 10, 2012

~ Bronte ~

Hey! its been awhile ive been offline for sometime,since ive came on i made this cute outfit,Ive been  listing to Gotye lately,this one music video of his i love make me tear up every time i watch it,:P so when i put this outfit together kind of reminder me of the video some how,kind of a magic elven forest look,anyways hope you like,The sticks i got on my back are from Epoch,you only have in tell march 11 so go hurry pick them up. XDD


Maitreya Lara - Pitch

~ Sticks ~
Tee*fy Epoch-Legend A Pile of Branches

~ Scarf,Shirt,Shorts~
The Secret Store
Puffy Blouse
Highwaisted Shorts
Tube knitted Scarf

~ Stockings ~
*League*Side-Gartered stocking-Floral
Ella Stockings Light Brown-Black Garter


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Is This Love!



~ Hair ~
*Drot* - The Kenny-Smoke

~ Ears ~
Trangle Ears / Conjoh Kohime

~ Tongue ~
[ni.Ju]Tongue Tip Piercing

~ Necklace ~
Willow~ Stone Necklace

~ Arm Floaties ~
Reek - Swimmes

~ Tank ~
[Pumpkin]Tank top p.1.3 / Mesh / NEW

~ Bathing Suite ~
*T.Whore*- I Wanna Go Bikini Cyan

~ Pants ~
[ Sassy Kitty Designs] Unbuttoned Long Shorts Black

~ Sandles ~
Maitreya *Flip-Flops Eclipse

Sunday, February 26, 2012


EPOCH Legend event opened today Until March 11th! It's Held in 3 separate themed venues created especially for the event : 'Beast', 'Clowning' and 'Art of Escher'.So I had to go and check it out,I go this very cute outfit that Mesh.and a very cute Sheep that im going to set up on my land,anyways if you haven't went to check this event out hurry up alot of cute things are there Xpp The landing point at the gorgeous Creators Cafe has a LM giver to all three venues - for more event info see this link:

~ Outfit ~

 ~ Hair ~
(Milana) Tami

  ~ Ears ~
[Gauze] Mythic Ear =Jewelry:Chained= Natural

~ Necklace ~
..::DeliciouS::.. Ripped

~ Outfit ~
The Secret Store -Circus / Mesh


Hey again,Ive been off SL for awhile now,been busy in RL.So I got on this morning,and wanted to do a blog post,since its been awhile,today im going to try to get a couple of cute looks together XD,so I putted this cute look together,wanted Pink,the hair is from Lamb I edited it to make it have pink only on one side.she came out with about 3 hairs that have a different color on one side but i just bought the light pack.and did it myself XD


!lamb. Oleander - Grayscale Pack (A lot of editing,made one side Pink )

JM:Mai Skin_circle eye10

[Gauze] Mythic Ear =Jewelry:Chained= Natural

[ni.Ju] Tongue Tip Piercing w/cross

[NeurolaB Inc.] Goggle Flyer Anima

..::DeliciouS::.. Ripped

~*~Ankle cuffs~*~
..::DeliciouS::..  Adamantium Prisoner Cuffs

*BREACH* Eightball 1.2.3


[GENRE] Mettalic Body Barbie !

~*~Black harness~*~
Kyoot - Addicted to Dopamine Harness (Black)

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Drowsy Adventure!!

Hiya again its been awhile,ive been busy in Rl so haven't really done any blog post,but i promise soon ill be putting some looks together for ya Xp anyways on my flickr page ive notice Drowsy has reopen,I love drowsy when i first started SL it was my # 1 hang out place,now since its back im very happy,just the sad part is its only for a short time,a limited time only :'(So going to hang out there the most i can,anyways as i walked around the storybook looking forest i came across leather boxes that contain free gifts,XD very cute gifts so wanted to make a post and share what I found hope you like,oh and go check Drowsy out if you not yet its way way way worth it,XDD

 BP* binocular telescope case (Free)

~Hat Hair~
 BP* tanken helmet ribbon(Free)

BP*Drowsy Wood Bear(Free)

BP*Animal Carry Cage(Free)

bonne chance! Group Gift White Dress(Free)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

~ ❤.Heartstrings.❤~

Yesterday The Seasons Gatcha! Open up,So I had to go and check it out,after fighting the lag.I found some really cute things,I got this cite scarf From Illusory and a cute sweater dress from Addict.So it was worth the lag XD anyways so I putted this cute outfit together as i went along,its simple and just fun hope you like XD

~ ❤.Heartstrings.Outfit.Info.❤~

<amitomo> Bella skin

>TRUTH< Velvet -light blonde

1.)Willow~ Stone Neacklace-Tarnished Silver
2.)Cord Necklace, * Illusions*

ILLusory_Zoo Friends Scarf -Brown Bear (Season's Gatcha!)

-[ADDICT]-Lucille Sweaterdress/mint (Season's Gatcha! )

*League* Side-Gartered Stockings -Floral

*FIR & MNA * the roan boots brown/50L friday

Thursday, January 12, 2012

~ Reila ~


    Hiya,Sorry its been awhile since before Christmas since I Posted a post Been Busy in RL,Anyways I putted this outfit together last night and thought i would share it XDD Just a fun colorful funky style hope you like! XDD


<amitomo> Bella skin

Wasabi pills/vicky hair

[ni.ju]makeup-red panda

[Ni.ju] Tongue tip piercing w/cross LIGHT

[kik] megane 01_A

Cord Necklace, * Illusions*
Willow ~ Stone Necklace -tarnished silver Collabor88

~Furry keychain~
[Love soul] fur tail keychain


-SU!_Splush Tank sea

** Cutieh Undie Cheetah

-SU!-Paint skirt violet

Blah.(My Lazy Leggings pink,Millennium Hunt

*Linc*half fishnet stockings Black
*Linc*Half Stockings 2 pink

*FIR & MNA * the roan boots brown/50L friday