Saturday, March 10, 2012

~ Bronte ~

Hey! its been awhile ive been offline for sometime,since ive came on i made this cute outfit,Ive been  listing to Gotye lately,this one music video of his i love make me tear up every time i watch it,:P so when i put this outfit together kind of reminder me of the video some how,kind of a magic elven forest look,anyways hope you like,The sticks i got on my back are from Epoch,you only have in tell march 11 so go hurry pick them up. XDD


Maitreya Lara - Pitch

~ Sticks ~
Tee*fy Epoch-Legend A Pile of Branches

~ Scarf,Shirt,Shorts~
The Secret Store
Puffy Blouse
Highwaisted Shorts
Tube knitted Scarf

~ Stockings ~
*League*Side-Gartered stocking-Floral
Ella Stockings Light Brown-Black Garter


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